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In 17-19 century, Samurai''s government "Edo-Bakuhu" ruled over Japan.
They forbade people luxuries. No delicious foods, no beautiful Japanese clothes.
Therefore people thought "We want to make beautiful designed clothes.
If the design is very very small, government official can''t notice the beauty!"
So people liked very very small beauty designed Japanese clothes in Edo period.
People named the design "Edo-Komon".
One of Edo-Komon''s features is designed not only beautiful flowers but also daily goods, for example vegetables, cups, musical instruments, fairy tales etc..

These patterns are my original "Edo-Komon".
1. sakura blossom and butterfly
2. all sakura blossom
3. Japanese alcoholic drink "sake" goods, tokkuri and sakazuki
4. Japanese tea cup and Japanese sweets "dango"

When sakura blossoms are in bloom, Japanese people appreciate the flower.
When we feast under sakura trees, we drink sake and eat dango.
We called the feast "hanami". So I named these patterns "Hanami set".

Anyway you can use these patterns for personal free.
If you want to use for commercial purpose, link back to the stock or credit me please.

No claim! Enjoy!

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